Dr. Lyle Nalli, DPM asks an important question…

“Why Can KAATSU Revolutionize Medical Care?”

This question pertains to the benefits of improved blood flow and circulation as vital factors in wound treatment, recovery time and potential cost reduction.

Dr. Lyle Nalli, DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) is a physician and surgeon of the foot and ankle.  Dr. Nalli attended the 10th Annual KAATSU International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan in October of 2014.

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Dr. Lyle Nalli, DPM, explained why improving blood flow (and the circulatory system in general) are vital factors in the healing of wounds caused by diabetic ulcers.  Not only do recovery times stand to improve, but the overall costs of treatment could also be reduced significantly.

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Why KAATSU Can Revolutionize Medical Care.

As one of the many benefits of KAATSU Training is improving circulation, it is very relevant, because the healing of wounds caused by diabetic foot ulcers is entirely dependent upon perfusion (i.e., blood flow to the area).

Dr. Lyle proposes that if KAATSU can improve vascularity and blood flow, then it can facilitate the healing process, because the healing process cannot occur unless there is adequate blood flow to the area.

As the time required for wounds to heal is reduced, direct and indirect costs may also be reduced substantially.

As with any proposed effort to facilitate the healing process, the very first step is to demonstrate that it is:
(1) Safe, (2) Effective, and (3) Easy-to-Adopt

Given the premise that KAATSU, when it is done correctly, can meet these criteria very easily, KAATSU stands to revolutionize medical care.