Peter Lansbury PhD

What Kind of Difference Can KAATSU Make?

Dr. Peter Lansbury, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, knows from personal experience that KAATSU Training makes “a huge difference.”  Learn How To Get Certified so that you can become a KAATSU Certified Specialist and purchase KAATSU equipmentFor your convenience, if you are watching this video series as part of the KAATSU Certification Program, then you may click here to return to the Course Outline when you finish watching these videos.

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Arthritis Relief

Dr. Lansbury experienced KAATSU Training first hand, and he says without any hesitation that it made a huge difference for the relief of his arthritis.

But the benefits of KAATSU Training extended even further in his case as the muscles which had atrophied in his right arm were restored.

So not only is he able to raise his right arm pain-free, but the biceps and triceps muscles in his right arm have been restored through just two to three months of KAATSU Training.

Can you imagine arthritis that is so bad that it hurts to even think about lifting your arm?

Not to mention double hip replacements and other issues.  But when the pain in your arm is so bad that you cannot even pour yourself a cup of coffee, you are not talking about heavy lifting.  Yet it might as well have been heavy lifting for Dr. Peter Lansbury.  A distinguished professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lansbury would like to be able to pour himself a cup of coffee in the morning, but with or without his coffee, he had classes to teach.

Ouch!  What was that?

Better try again with the left hand, because even writing on the white board was out of the question.  That’s right.  Even raising his arm was accompanied by terrible pain.

Nevertheless, when you have severe arthritis, you take your medications and your figure out how to avoid movements which cause the pain to flare up.   Still, there is a cost for ruling out certain motions, and that cost is atrophy.  You know the old saying, “Use it or lose it.”

Well, this is exactly what was happening to Dr. Lansbury, because the muscles in his right arm had atrophied for lack of use.  Coupled with the need for an elbow replacement caused by extensive arthritis in his elbow, Dr. Lansbury’s interest in KAATSU Training was not that of an elite athlete, a body builder or even a normal, able-bodied individual looking for a more time-efficient way to exercise.  No.  Dr. Lansbury’s interest in KAATSU Training was for entirely different purposes.  His were not competitive or cosmetic reasons.  His interests were completely medical and therapeutic.

The question, for Dr. Lansbury, was very simple:
“Could KAATSU Training really make a difference in cases of severe arthritis?”
The answer, from his own personal experience, is an emphatic yes!
“It made a huge difference.”